PAJCCI Profile  

PAJCCI Profile

The formation of Pakistan-Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PAJCCI) is a breath of fresh air for both the countries. Despite existing political upheavals and sensitive socio-cultural issues, the push for economic collaboration from business community across the border has always been explicit. The economic platforms are eagerly rethinking their bilateral relationship and discussions are underway with respect to reviving the economic ties, curtailing smuggling and preventing flow of prohibited goods. This pressing need was sensed by business representatives in both the countries and they mutually agreed to establish a cooperative body on a private initiative in order to bring the business communities of the two countries closer together.

Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PAJCCI) is a joint collaboration between Karachi Chamber of Commerce (KCCI), Chaman Chamber of Commerce (CCCI), Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Chamber of Commerce (KPCCI) and Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce (ACCI). The entity is duly recognized and licensed by Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as well as Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The core objective of this trans-border arrangement is not only to transform the economic landscape of the South and Central Asian region but also to facilitate peace prospects and to curb extremism and terrorism. The Chamber was established having members of Business and Industrial community with a motive to provide level playing field for promoting the bi-lateral trade and investment, ensuring transfer of technology, exploring new trade opportunities and areas of mutual interests, alleviating illegal trade and promoting positive image of both the countries across the globe. In addition to that, the Chamber shall constitute an Arbitration Tribunal / Committee to which the members may refer for settlement of all those cases of dispute arising out of their commercial transactions.

It would also be a catalyst to easing out any pressures induced by Political or Legal framework in the respective countries in the most appropriate manner possible. It was agreed between the two sides to ease trade between the two countries and all problems or hurdles are done away with. It was also decided to resolve the issue in board amicably and then put forward to respective governments. It was agreed mutually that this platform will not only resolve trade based issues amicably but would strategize on the macro-level to facilitate respective Governments to revive bi-lateral political relationship as well, in the greater interest of both the countries.

Under the visionary leadership, the Chamber will facilitate Pakistan to gain access to the Central Asian States via Afghanistan and would further enhance the trade opportunities. The Chamber will serve to ensure win-win situation for all stakeholders and will serve as a body to enhance trade relations between two brotherly nations without succumbing to any unrelated political or cultural influence.

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