Vision & Objectives  

Vision & Objectives




  • To establish Joint Chamber comprising members from trade, industry and services to represent and deal with the affairs pertaining to commercial, commerce and industrial relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • To promote commerce and business relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the sphere of influence of PAJCCI 
  • To provide trade level playing field to all the cross-section of business communities both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • To accomplish this purpose, the Chamber shall maintain close liaison with KCCI, CCCI, KPCCI and other Chambers in Pakistan and its Afghan counterparts, the corresponding foreign authorities, industrial associations, enterprises and business persons of various branches. 
  • To establish more Branch/Regional offices in both countries if necessary, after approval of PAJCCI Board. 
  • To promote mutually beneficial trade, commerce, investment, industrial collaborations, technology transfer, joint ventures, holding international exhibitions, conferences, seminars, training programs, exchange of business delegations, information, exploring new trade and economic cooperation opportunities, identifying areas of mutual interests, mediation to narrow down differences, discourage illegal trade, promote positive aspects and perception of both the countries, rejecting terrorism and extremism as per policy as and when needed. 
  • To conduct research, market studies and surveys to disseminate viable, timely information to members and non-members for their benefit. 
  • To survey all matters, in any way, affecting the trade, commerce, and of all developments thereof and to decide upon, initiate and support proper methods to deal with any contingency affecting the said trade, commerce of members. 
  • To constitute Arbitration Tribunal/Committee to which members shall refer cases/matters for settlement of disputes arising out of their commercial transactions. The Managing Committee/Country Board in consultation with PAJCCI Board shall make bye-laws governing the working of arbitration tribunal/committee.  
  • To discuss and deal with all questions that seems to be connected with or have a bearing as such on trade, commerce and industry 
  • To protect and promote rights and privileges of trade and industry in and outside Pakistan/Afghanistan and to represent their grievances before the government(s) and public bodies for remedial actions.
  • To discuss, promote and oppose legislative and other measures, that seem to be connected with or to have a bearing on trade, commerce and industry, and to consider to originate and support improvements in the commercial and other laws
  • To keep a close liaison with various Chambers, diplomatic missions and NGOs etc. to exchange trade related information, to introduce PAJCCI activities.
  • To publish periodicals, trade bulletins, other publications, disseminate information to members and may hold exhibitions.
  • To specially focus on young entrepreneurs and encourage them for their active participations in business activities in both the countries. Both the countries have significant percentage of youth and inculcating entrepreneurial skills in them to pave the way for employment generation and poverty alleviation.
  • To render services to its members and non-members service fee shall charged; the rate of which shall be determined by the Managing Committee/Country Board in consultation with the PAJCCI Board.
  • To collect subscription and other charges from members and to borrow or raise any money required for the purposes of the Chamber upon such securities as may be determined and generally to obtained money for the objects of the Chamber in any lawful manner and to invest, apply or deal with the same in such manner as may be considered the most desirable for giving effect to such objects.
  • To accept any lawful and ethical bequest, device, gift or donation whatsoever (whether of money or property of any description) and to apply the same or proceeds of sale or realization thereof for the purposes of the Chamber or to invest the same or such proceeds and apply the income arising there from for any of the purposes of the Chamber.
  • To acquire by gift, donation, purchase, take on lease or otherwise, lands and all other property, moveable and immovable, which the Chamber for the purposes thereof may from time to time think proper to acquire. 
  • To invest and otherwise deal with moneys of the Chamber in such manner as may, from time to time, be determined
  • To borrow or raise money or secure repayment of such money, in such manner as the Chamber think fit; and in particular, by creation and issue of debentures, stock, perpetual or otherwise, charged upon all or any of the Chamber’s property (present or future) and to purchase, redeem or pay off any such securities
  • To sell, prove, manage, develop, exchange, lease or let under lease, sublet, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise deal with all or any part of the property of the Chamber
  • To construct upon premises acquired for the purposes of the Chamber any building or buildings for the purposes of the Chamber and to alter, add to or remove any building upon such premises.
  • To take effective steps for the eradication of unethical business practices from the field of trade, commerce and industry.
  • To co-operate with other Chambers, organizations of trade and industry in Pakistan and Afghanistan on matters of mutual interest.
  • To enter into any arrangement with government(s) of Pakistan/Afghanistan and any public authority, local government, or otherwise which may seem conducive to the Chamber’s objects or any of them; and to obtain from government, or such authority of body any rights; privileges or concessions which the Chamber may think desirable to obtain; and to carry out, exercise and comply with any such arrangements, rights, privileges and concessions.
  • Mr. Maqsood PervaizMembership No.
    Mr. Maqsood Pervaiz
    Managing Partner

  • Mr. Haris MuftiMembership No.
    Mr. Haris Mufti

  • Sami UllahMembership No.
    Sami Ullah