flydubai PAJCCI Alliance  

flydubai PAJCCI Alliance

PAJCCI has recently done alliance with flydubai for facilitating its members in form of discounts while traveling to destination of core focus.

flydubai was officially set up in March 2008 by the Government of Dubai, forming the city's first low-cost airline. 5 years after its inaugural commercial flight, flydubai is now making more than 1,400 flights a week with over 500 pilots and 1,000 cabin crew taking thousands of passengers to destinations throughout the region. From the very beginning flydubai has stuck to its core philosophy and continue to strive to make air travel more affordable.

Applicable Modalities:

As per MoU between PAJCCI and flydubai, Service charges of 5% will not be charged and 5% further discount on prevailing fare will be provided. 

Following will be the guidelines for PAJCCI members applying for discounted tickets from flydubai Pakistan.

1- List of selected destinations to avail discounts:

A- Afghanistan :    Kabul

B- UAE Dubai

C- CIS Countries :

  • Armenia : Yerevan
  • Kazakhstan : Almatay , Astana
  • Kyrgystan : Bishkek
  • Russia Kazan , Krasnodar , Mineralyne, Moscow, Rostov on Don , Samara, UFA, Yekarinburg.
  • Tajikistan : Dushanbe
  • Turkmenistan : Ashgabad
  • Ukrain : Kieve , Odessa
  • Turkey : Istanbul
  • Iran Ahwaz , Bandar Abbas , Mashad , Esfahan , Tehran , Lar , Shiraz.

2- Initially discounts would be valid only on flights from Karachi and Quetta to select destinations. The tickets will be picked up physically by the member organizations from flydubai offices in Karachi and Quetta.

3- For booking and discounts, interested members should write an email to Secretary General PAJCCI at, minimum 5 working days prior to selected flight along with flight dates and numbers as available on flydubai website. The member would also mention PAJCCI membership number along with the details of person intended to travel and which class is required (economy / business).

4- Visa and other travelling documents (Valid Passport/Vaccination/NOC any other document required by Pakistan immigration and destination country) will be member’s responsibilities. While sending request to PAJCCI through email, the copies of above documents should also be attached.

5- At present payment can be made at Karachi and Quetta flydubai travel shop once confirmation email is received by PAJCCI. Tickets will be issued by Karachi travel shop only and will be sent via email. In future depending upon frequency tickets will be also issued from Quetta travel shop.

6- Timelines mentioned for ticketing/payment in confirmation email shall be strictly adhered to avoid cancellation.

7- Payment can be made by cash/debit card/credit card of PAJCCI members only. In case of credit / debit cards, traveler needs to use his own for confirmation later on. Bank charges on debit and credit cards is applicable (2.75% per transaction).

8- In case of UAE visa application via flydubai, standard terms and conditions will be applicable. No discount will be offered on Visa fees.

9- Seats are subject to availability on Dubai and flights to other select destinations.

10- In case of cancellation/no show/changes standard flydubai terms and charges will apply. For details please refer to

11- Connection to other destinations from Dubai may vary according to season and local restrictions/conditions.

12- Discounts may not be offered during peak season (Hajj/Umra/Eid holidays/other special holidays at selected destinations where applicable).


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