What are the business opportunities for doing business in Afghanistan?
Afghanistan is an immature market with a vast scope of business opportunities. One cannot fix the number of it but mostly following are the key sectors where people can invest and work;
1. Mining 
2. Hydro power
3. Production Industries 
4. Medicines
5. Agriculture machinery
6. Textiles
7. Garments
8. Food (rice, sugar, cooking oil)
How to obtain a business license in Afghanistan?
The three major licensing bodies in Afghanistan are
1. Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI)
2. Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA)
3. Ministry of Economy  (MoE)

If you have an Afghan Partner it is easy for you because you will be exempted from many taxes. As an international investor or license holder you will have to bear large taxes.
What are the leading sectors for Investment in Afghanistan?
1. Mining 
2. Hydro power
3. Production Industries (Fruits processing, Beverages, Food etc.)
How to get a trade directory of Afghanistan? (Members asked for trade directory of the specific business they are doing)
A private company is managing the Yellow pages Afghanistan. For the sustainability of PAJCCI any information or business relation they want in Afghanistan they should contact PAJCCI secretariat directly.
Which cities of Afghanistan are potentially sound for doing business?
Cities can’t be selective because every city has its own importance for doing business and investment but the major business cities are Nangarhar, Kandahar, Herrat, Mazar Sharif, Kabul, and Khost. The preference of these cities are because of their being business hub for other provinces, population and soundness of business environment.
. What are the visa requirements for entry into Afghanistan for Pakistani Nationals?
1. A copy of valid passport
2. Two passport size photos
3. A copy of NIC
4. You have to fill out the embassy visa form
What are some of the market challenges for doing business in Afghanistan?
Some of the major challenges are as follows;
1. Security problem
2. Political issues of the governments
3. Lower rate of educated people in the business sector
4. Domination of Chinese imports in the country
5. Unstable and not much developed banking and financial system for the private sector business
6. Limitation of specific laws and procedures
7. Insufficiency of working capital with the investors
Will the PAJCCI – Afghan Chapter help in making security & logistics arrangements for members visit to Afghanistan?
Logics arrangement of any PAJCCI member which includes Pick and drop from Airport, Hotel booking, Visits to relevant business places, all the facilitation will be provide to the best of secure environments.
9. What are the standard room rates in Hotel 3star & 4star? Can you suggest some?
Following are some of the security approved hotels;
1. Inter continental
2. Sareena
3. Safi Landmark
4. Kabul Star
5. Some guest house like Sufi, ASSA etc.
An average room rate for a 3, 4 star hotels with security approved are about $200.
10. How to get legal advices for doing business in Afghanistan. Can you suggest a lawyer?
There are different companies and individuals providing commercial legislative services. PAJCCI members can refer to specific lawyers who are also the members of PAJCCI.
Are there any banks which offer LC (Letter of Credit)?
Yes most of the banks offer LC.
Are there any branch of National Bank of Pakistan & Habib Bank Pakistan in Kabul? If yes can we do the process of LC from them?
Yes both the banks have branches in Kabul, we have already talked with the banks and they have the service of LC and they can offer it.
Will I get multiple visa of Afghanistan if I become a PAJCCI member?
We have already sent letters to Commerce & Industry and Foreign Affairs Ministries for facilitation of multiple visas to Pakistani businessmen which is in process as soon as we have a positive response we will let you know. For the time being we cannot make any promise because that is the government decision.
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